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Why choose Tacos Don Jorge? 


Because we cater, we care!

We are a family owned-operated business established in 2009, as a Taco Catering company

our mission is to share Don Jorge's taste, service and presentation to delight

your guests. For us is very important that you can enjoy your event to the

fullest with no worries, that’s why we take full responsibility from the

beginning ‘till the end of the process, so you can save time and effort in

organizing. Contact us and let’s start planning your Taco Menu! Our friendly staff

will treat you and your guests as part of our family.


What are the areas where you serve? 


Our vision is to be the #1 Taco Catering Service in southern California; that’s why we cater in San Diego, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside and Los Angeles! We want more people to try our delicious tacos!


What insurance coverage and licenses do you have? 


Tacos Don Jorge knows the importance of doing things right, that’s why we are in compliance with all the permits and licenses required to cater your event: Business License – Food Handler – General Liability, Workers Compensation & Health Permit.


Do you offer vegetarian / vegan menu? 


Yes, because we understand the importance of providing healthier options, we offer a variety of choices in order to satisfy your needs.


What is Full Catering Service?


In a Full catering service we’ll do the following:

Bring all the equipment we need to cater your event.

Install a beautiful presentation for our tables.

Set up and get the food ready to serve at the previous accorded time and location.

Our standing staff will assist your guests to serve in a buffet style tables.

Stocked delicious Mexican food for your guests to enjoy and serve for the according time.

Leave the place clean and clear with leftovers packed for you to keep.


Do you offer tastings? 


Yes, you can try our food, meet our friendly staff and discuss about your event. We are at your service, If there’s any special need, we will try our best to make.

It happen. We understand that your dream wedding deserves the perfect catering.

Reserve a tasting  from our website NOW!


How much does the tasting cost? 


The tasting is free for 2 people just request it and we can arrange it.


What do I need to provide you? 


For us is very important that you have a great time with no worries at all; just tell us where to setup and we’ll take care of everything, we bring our grill, tables, tablecloths, canopy and all the items that we need to cater your event.


Do you offer alternative menu (dietary / allergies / specialties)?  


Yes, we will try our best to accommodate your needs. Tell us about the details and we can make it happen.


Does the service includes cleaning up? 


We will pack up and clean up only our area (setup). For bussing tables at the end of the event, there’s an extra charge.


Is there any extra fees? (as traveling, gas, mileage, service).


The final balance includes price plus tax. We are clear from the beginning, no hidden fees, only gratuity is at your discretion.


Is the tip included? 


We do not automatically add gratuity; you can add it for the workers at your discretion.

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