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Actualizado: 28 dic 2020

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, planning that great event and organizing every detail such as the music, the invitations, the centerpieces, and of course your wedding dress, involves a lot of stress and effort; one of the most important things to consider is the food, and a great option to save time and money without having to sacrifice quality or elegance, is Mexican food. Your guests won't stop talking about how amazing the food is.

The large amount of ingredients in Mexican cuisine results in dishes that are striking and pleasing to the eye and the palate.

The flavors of Mexican gastronomy are so unique, coming from the fusion of the Hispanic and Spanish cultures that it also added the spice to the traditional dishes.

Since then this merger has been enriched by many contributions from around the world, making Mexican food a very popular choice for weddings, for its presentation, its taste, its contrasts and its versatility.

Why does the world love Mexican food?

In 2010, Mexican gastronomy was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Thanks to this, it was praised that the cuisine in Mexico is considered a crucial element of national identity, due to its history, creativity, diversity and transcendence.

The United States is probably the foreign country where Mexican food is most famous. The continuous increase of the Hispanic population in the United States, led by the Mexicans, has allowed the taste for Mexican food to expand in a surprising way throughout the United States, mainly in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Currently, the number of Mexican restaurants throughout the country is very high. There are also quite a few restaurants that offer a Mexican type menu, where you can find pozole, a dish from the Mexican states of Jalisco and Michoacan, also carne asada, a typical dish from the northern region of Mexico.

Typical Mexican cuisine fits both the daily table and the most gourmet environments. And for a wedding, the proposals are many.

To think of Mexican food is to think directly of Tacos, for it is not in vain that they have earned the position of being one of the best known dishes in the world.

Their basic preparation is from one (or several) fried or soft corn tortillas, both of which can be filled with prepared food, beef, chicken or fish, and a variety of chopped vegetables.In Mexican homes it is very common to make tacos with leftover food or even simply with some sauce or salt. However, it is a tortilla, which allows us to recognize the real Mexican taco.

Why should you choose Mexican food for your wedding?

Mexican food can be described in one word: exquisite.

Characterized by its spicy flavors and great variety, Mexican food has achieved a well-deserved worldwide fame. More and more people are falling in love with Mexican food and thanks to this it has managed to transcend borders.

Catering services are very flexible, ideal for adapting to your budget and needs, so if you start considering including Mexican food in your wedding, chances are that the catering service you hire can offer you menus that are just right for you.

Mexican food provokes positive and gratifying reactions in everyone who tries it. In addition, offering traditional dishes will give an original touch to your event by being something unexpected.

One of the advantages is that you have the opportunity to serve various dishes for all tastes and thus satisfy all guests. Another great benefit, is that the food is very practical both to serve and to consume, because, usually Mexican stews can be served as tacos, so your guests could have the opportunity to go to the bar to choose any of these dishes as many times as they like and make some tacos, it is always the best way to eat a Mexican stew.

As for drinks, you can offer fresh waters with typical flavors such as horchata, tamarindo, jamaica, lemon and watermelon.

You can choose Mexican food for your wedding and still eat healthy, you just have to choose right. Here are 11 reasons that will convince you to choose Mexican food for your wedding:

  1. Fresh and high quality ingredients

  2. Authentic food without preservatives

  3. Enchiladas

  4. Tamales

  5. Tacos

  6. Quesadillas

  7. Rolled tacos

  8. Authentic real fruit “Aguas frescas”

  9. Handmade tortillas on site

  10. Vegetarian/vegan menu available

  11. Your guests won't believe how delicious the food will be, they'll be talking about it for months

Want to get information about getting a Taco Catering for your wedding?

If you are looking for a professional Taco Catering and a real Mexican party full of colors and flavors that will delight your guests, count on us! We take care of everything.

We believe that love is the most noble thing there is and we love seeing couples make their dreams come true.

We Cater, We Care.


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