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5 Reasons Why Mexican Food is a Great Idea for your Birthday

When it’s your birthday, you have to go all-outwith a hugegathering, right? Especially if you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, you definitely have something to get excited about!But even if you just fancy throwing a much smaller party, it’s a wonderful excuse to bring yourclosestfriends and family together. So, why not do it withsome deliciousMexican food? Here are 5 reasons why Mexican food is a great idea for your birthday!

1.It’s healthy and delicious

Authentic Mexican cuisine is made using only the finest ingredients which means everything is fresh and full of flavor. But also, many of the dishes contain the perfect blend of both meat and vegetables, with ample amounts of minerals, protein and vitamins! So, whilstthere shouldn’t be any dietary limits on your birthday anyway, you can feel greatabout the fact you’re filling your body with goodness. And even better,if you’re having a large party,many of your guests may thank you for it also!

2.There is plenty of choice

If you’re throwing a party for lots of people, you typically need dishes that are pretty versatile. For example, there are tons of amazing taco fillings that suit many differenttaste budslikechicken asado, green chilli pork and deep-friedfish. But it’s not just tacos, there are so many delicious Mexican dishes out there!If you decide to throw aMexican themedbirthday party, the team here at Tacos Don Jorge are more than happy to work to your exact requirements.

3.Mexican culture is synonymous with celebrations

A huge part of Mexican culture is having big celebrations! Family and friendship are deeply embedded into our culture and so, we love coming together to celebrate. That’s why if you choose to celebrate with us here at Tacos Don Jorge, we do everything we can to make you feel safe and welcome! And in orderfor you to have the best birthday, we need to know exactly what would make it so special. So, we always work with you to make sure we’re doingeverything we can to work to your personal requirements and make your day one to remember with our taco catering services!

4.Most dishes can be customized

The wonderful thing about Mexican cuisine is that you cantotallymake it your own! How? Well,if you are throwing a party and have guests that only eat vegan or vegetarian food, there’s no need to panic. You can simply switch out the ingredients to suit their dietary requirements–it’s as easy as that.Nobody deserves to miss out on beautiful freshly-cookedfood!

5.Authentic Mexican food is exciting!

Of course, you can go to any birthday party and enjoy delicious food but they rarely ever compare to the Authentic dishes of beautiful Mexican cuisine.Sandwiches, cocktail sausages, sweet cupcakes –they’re just not the same as freshly-cooked tacos!You see, Authentic Mexican food cooked in the traditional way is full of vibrant flavor from the spices and sauces,to the deeply marinated meats. That’s why we’re pretty certain that every single one of your guests will be glad you picked Mexican food as the centerpiece ofyour birthday celebrations!

So, are you ready to throw a fabulous Mexican themed party?Why notvisit our main website to discover thedelicious taco catering packages from the team here at Tacos Don Jorge?Our previous clients loved celebrating their birthday with our Taco Premium package. This includes full buffet style catering for 2 hours and beautiful presentation complete with table cloths and sarapes. But, if you’re looking for a more convenient, budget-friendly option, our Taco Delivery package could be for you. Whatever you choose, our family are more than happy to help you celebrate!


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