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7 Reasons to Hire a Taco Catering Service for your Corporate Lunch

Are you looking for a fun, delicious meal for yourself and your colleagues at lunchtime? There’s no denying that we all crave Mexican food from time to time, but it’s tricky to ease your craving when you’re right in the middle of a busy work day. So, why not get a little help from the team here at Tacos Don Jorge? Here are 7 reasons to hire a taco catering service for your corporate lunch!

1.We offer a buffet bar

Our Taco Deliveryservice is everything you could ask for in a meal–plus, you can literally build your meal of choice!You and your colleagues will receive 2 yummy taco fillings of your preference, rice and pinto beans, chips and salsa, toppings, a fruit drink and we’ll even provide utensils!So, there’s no fuss at your end. The Tacos Don Jorge team will cover everything you need to run a successful corporate lunch!

2.We can provide full service for 1 hour

Of course, we understand that every workplace is incredibly busy. You have a million and one things to do and so preparing a lunchtime meal for lots of people is not a priority. With our team here at Tacos Don Jorge, you simply don’t need to lift a finger. You see, we promise to be in full communication with you to ensure that we fit in with the logistics of your day to make your taco catering service completely effortless! Just tell us your designated area for serving and we will set up the buffet, serve you and your colleagues and even clean away once we have finished.

3.There is something for everyone

As the best taco catering service in town, we make it our duty to listen and respect your wants and needs! So, if you have any dietary requirements such as a vegan/vegetarian menu, we can provide that for you(upon previous request). Nobody deserves to miss out on delicious tacos!

4.Your meals are cooked fresh, every time

Authentic Mexican food is always best enjoyed when freshly cooked! We don’t cut corners here at Tacos Don Jorge –in fact, even our tortillasare handmade from scratch using the same technique found in Mexico hundreds of years ago. So, you can be sure that you’re enjoying the best of the best with a fresh meal made fromthe finest ingredientsright here in California–just like they do in Mexico!

5.You have chance to connect with your colleagues

Food is best enjoyed in the company of others, right?Nothing strengthens relationships –even work relationships –like freshly cooked Mexican cuisine. From our family to your work family, we’d love to cook you a meal to remember. So,sit back, relax and allow our team to deliver the finest tasting Mexican dishes around!

6.Our meals are budget-friendly

With such a large team, no doubt you’re looking for a lunchtime meal that doesn’t rob your business account. We pride ourselves on offering an affordable service whilst never ever compromising the quality of our dishes.

7.We have over 10 years of professional experience

Our team here at Tacos Don Jorge are highly experienced when it comes to catering for events. In fact, we’ve been doing it for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve perfected our cooking skills, mastered the art of incredible customer service and now pride ourselves on being the best taco catering service in town. But not just that, we know the importance of complying to rules and regulations. We have all of the necessary licenses and permits including Business License –Food Handler –General Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Health Permit. So, you can be 100% sure that our services are safe and reliable!Are you organizing a corporate lunch for your colleagues? If so, reach out to us! Let’s celebrate your team’s hard work by giving them the best taco time!


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