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Actualizado: 21 dic 2020

Catering is no doubt the most important part of any event or special occasion. When you plan to host any event, the first question that comes to mind is the selection of the best caterers. You have to keep many aspects in mind before you select a caterer, like will the food be up to par? Will the presentation be good? Or will they match up to the expectations?

Catering is not just about making delicious food, but also how you present it. From weddings to corporate events, to cocktail parties, and other special occasions in between, a good caterer will save your time and certainly ease the burden of handling everything on your own. Below are a few reasons why you should be hiring a caterer.

· Food of your choice

The first and the best benefit is the fact that you happen to get a variety of options in the food menu to cater to specific tastes and preferences of every guest. You can alter the food menu according to your requirement and see which fit the guests will relish and do not stick to a specific menu with a set number of dishes.

If it happens to be a corporate event, then you keep more starters in the menu and if it is a wedding then the good food quality and the freedom to select your menu go a long way, as good food is what matters the most in any event.

· Top-notch service

Another big benefit of hiring a professional caterer is that you can rest assured that the service will be of top quality as the caterer will take every small thing into account. Attention to detail is the key from neatly written dish names, clean spoons and waiters that are well-mannered taking utmost care of the guests.

The trademark of a professional caterer is the high-quality service and years of experience in serving the people. By hiring a caterer, you basically are setting the tone of the event. This means that you take the event seriously and are making a statement.

· It will save you time

Organizing the events can be quite exhausting, both mentally and physically. There are so many things that one has to consider, i.e. invitations, decorations, sound system, entertainment, and so much more. Let us not forget that food is the most important part of any event.

There are too many things to handle and too little time to do them, as sometimes nothing goes according to plan and the time gets shorter. The professional caterers are experts in their field, and their aim is to ensure the delicious satisfaction of your guests.

It is better that you let the caterers worry about the food being fresh, and being served on time. These people know very well what they are doing. Therefore, instead of worrying, you can relax and take care of the rest, and leave the hard part to them.

· You will be the talk of the town

Food is what differentiates a good event from a bad one. Whether we admit it or not, food can definitely make or break a party. As the majority of the events take place in the evening, therefore, most people are hungry. Many people will be left disappointed if what you serve is not held to a standard.

If the food at your event is prepared and served by a hired caterer, then your hardest task of the night might be to accept the compliments. Most of the people will appreciate the food that has been served, and you will obviously be the talk of the town.

· You should also enjoy the party

On the contrary, many things in an event need to be looked after and checked by you, as most hosts of the events do not have time to sit down and eat even a bite. The host has to run around dealing with the latest disaster or is able to make small talks with the guests. By the end of the night, the host or organizer gets exhausted and hungry.

This is where the caterers come in, as they know what events are like and are able to assist you in a perfect way. You may get a chance to take a bit of the food, have a chat with the guests and enjoy the part by leaving the rest to the caterers.

· Hire the pros ( bonus tip )

When you are organizing an event you don’t want to take any chances for something to go wrong. On the contrary you’ll want to have on your side a professional team that knows what they are doing. Check for reviews, ask for permits, food handler, liability and car insurance, also employees must have workers compensation to protect you, your guests and properties free of claims. Caterers must be an ally of yours and not a burden. Talk to them and ask them how they will protect your event from possible incidents and what they will do if something happens. Organize a party or event without worry about your vendors. In Tacos Don Jorge we are both the hostess of your event and we take that responsibility very seriously.


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