To bring delicious and fresh food to cater your guests with the authentic Mexican Cuisine


To be in communication with you, your wedding coordinator, family member or any person you designate to coordinate your wedding; in order to be organized in the logistics.


To set up, cook, install the buffet tables, clear and clean our area before,during and after our service without interrupting your event


To stock our great food; cooked with the best ingredients, with the correct temperature and presentation to delight your guests’s  taste


To have a vegan/vegetarian menu available previously requested


To provide an outstanding customer service to delight your guests and loved ones


To provide your event with the best protection. Just request it and we’ll give you copy of our permits,licences and insurances. 


To always listen to you, your needs and suggestions; we are committed to accomplish your satisfaction in our taco catering service.

We calculate 4 tacos person. We serve for 2 hours or until food ends, whichever happens first.