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We promise to provide you with the most delicious, fresh, and authentic Mexican food in town for a wedding day to remember! But it’s not just about the cooking… We’ll be in constant communication with the persons responsible for coordinating your big day, to ensure we fully align with your dream wedding plans!

We promise to set up and install buffet tables, serve and discretely clear and clean our area throughout the whole service without disrupting your special day!

We promise to serve each dish to perfection with the finest ingredients, at the correct temperature, and with an amazing presentation to put a smile on every guest’s face.

We promise to offer a vegetarian and/or vegan menu upon request and we never fail to adhere to our outstanding customer service. That includes being respectful and understanding of your needs and suggestions to achieve the perfect taco catering service!

And we promise to protect your event at all costs. Please get in contact for copies of our permits, licenses, and insurances.

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