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he dream of a big wedding is a common one, with fine cars, gorgeous flowers, lavish receptions and many guests to come and enjoy your special day. It is quite unfortunate that those big ritzy weddings cost you money.

Planning the perfect wedding for less is becoming quite possible, while the trend for handmade weddings is getting stronger than ever. Now you could have a perfect wedding without spending a fortune, and wedding planning on a budget is not just logical, it is actually doable. Savvy spending in key areas is essential to get your ideal wedding for less. You can use these six tips to have a day of your dreams without blowing your budget.

· Prioritize your wedding

Between the wedding ceremony and reception, temptation abounds for spending, whether it is at the wedding breakfast, decorations, entertainment or the cake. Instead of splurging on all of them, try to spend on the parts of the day that matter to you the most.

If you are a complete foodie, then the exquisite three-course meal might be worth the money. If music is your weakness, then hire a band, but forego some of the other extras. You should also consider what aspects will play the biggest role in your day. Spend the money where you will be able to appreciate it longest.

· Pick the cheapest time to get married

When you decide to get married can make an even bigger impact than the place where you decide to get married. If you choose to get married in the middle of the week or on a Sunday, as compared to a Saturday wedding, this could save you some money.

Similarly, by picking the date in spring, autumn or even winter will also see some big savings coming in when you compare it to a summer wedding.

· Choose the venue carefully

You can have an amazing budget wedding if you pick the right location, often somewhere you wouldn't typically consider. There are many venues around the country that actually are licensed to hold wedding ceremonies. Therefore, it is a good idea to pick something different.

When you choose the right location, this gives you two benefits. First one is that your special day is truly special in a unique location, and secondly, these venues tend to be a lot more affordable than the places that are booked up months or years in advance.

· Hire instead of buying

You may definitely buy your wedding gown, but you don't need to do that for the groom and also the groomsmen's suits. If keeping the big day suit is not the top priority of the groom, then it is better to hire it instead, to keep the cost down.

You don't have to buy every decoration, a string of bunting or table runner. You can search for many businesses that offer everything that you need, from décor to table wear to garden games for hire, so that you get your dream day for less. If you choose to buy the items, then you have an option to shop for the second-hand pieces in good condition.

· Involve your friends and family

Your friends and family will be very excited in the run-up to your wedding day. You can put their excitement and skills to work and have them help you with the preparations. If your friend is a baker, then you can get his help in making your cake.

You can get different favours from your family and friends by giving them little jobs that soon stack up, but leave it to the professionals where required, as all the wedding-related tasks and responsibilities cannot be put on the family and friends.

· Minimoons

It might be a good option for you to take a minimoon after your big day. You can enjoy a luxurious weekend away with your new life partner without the stress of a big added expense. You don't need to forego the traditional honeymoon altogether.

You can just give yourself a few months in order to save after the wedding, before you take the honeymoon trip of a lifetime, or use a gift list service to fund your lifetime trip.

· Food delicious and affordable ( bonus tip )

Mexican food is a very popular option for wedding catering, is affordable, delicious, full of colors and flavors , and your guests won't stop talking about how good the food is. You can have appetizers, entrees, desserts, real fruit drinks, salads, vegetarian tacos and more among many menu options to choose from. You can't regret offering your guests this popular and trendy cuisine in one of the most important events of your life.


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